Psychological Techniques For Better Communication

Interacting with people can be a challenge but at the same time one of the most important skills to learn. We constantly interact with individuals at work, home, with friends etc. Improving our communication can certainly have a vast impact when it comes to having better influence. Try these simple techniques which are easy to learn and implement:

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5 Money Beliefs To Shun Today

When it comes to money, our building blocks are the beliefs that we have about it.

While growing up we pick up values and beliefs from our parents about money. As we grow up some people develop new ways of thinking about money. Regardless, here are some common money beliefs to avoid. Knowing these will help you build the right mindset and outlook towards your financial life. Without the right mindset chances are one will struggle and always feel that there isn’t enough money to live an enjoyable lifestyle. It is true to a great degree that money may not increase happiness, but it’s certainly a necessity in life, especially at times of adversities.

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Small Business Startup Training – Why do you need a mentor?

Small business startup training is a crucial first step towards success. If you speak to any successful entrepreneur they will tell you how they wish someone was there to guide them in the initial stages.

Before embarking on the business startup journey it’s important to consider what’s the right training program for you and here is why?

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Signs of Overthinking Worriers and How to Worry Less?

We’ve all been guilty of being overthinking worriers. I know I certainly have. Especially when something is really important to achieve, we tend to think too much about it.

Overthinking worriers constantly think about things that may happen resulting in an adverse outcome or result. It breeds negativity and doesn’t help much with obtaining results. In this blog post, we’ll look at the signs of being an overthinking worrier and how to worry less? I’ve certainly been able to benefit from some of these tips and hopefully they will serve a useful purpose for you as well.

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Stay Calm and Take Control

With the fast paced environment we all live in today we’re always in a rush to get things done. If you’re someone who works a full-time job, has a family and are passionate about life I’m sure you’ve experienced this. With so many things to learn and do 24 hours in a day may never seem enough.

The energy that we emit by constantly being on the go reflects on our lives and others. With all that’s happening around us if we’re able to achieve a calm and controlled state of mind wonders start to happen.

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3 Simple Tools for Success

Success comes from the origin Latin word succedere which literally means to “come close after”. To explain, it’s about coming close to the result or outcome desired.

We all seek success in various aspects of our lives e.g economically, in relationships, in business or careers etc. If you seek to learn more about being successful there is countless material available. In this blog post, I’ll simplify achieving success into 3 simple tools for success. The next time you seek success, in any endeavor, keep these 3 tools in mind and you will spiral you way towards success. This technique is taught by a famous personal development coach Tony Robbins. This is something that I’ve adopted in my life and would like to share on this blog so others could benefit too.

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Brainstorming – Why Do It Individually?

Brainstorming techniques have been used for decades to come up with solutions to problems. While it’s a way of noting down your thoughts and coming up with solutions, it can be done in groups or individually. To get the most out of your brainstorming sessions it’s best to do it individually and here is why.

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Tired of Working a Dead End Job? Here Is The Leap You’ll Have To Make

If you’re tired of working a dead end job, the major question to ask is should I quit now or wait for an alternative option? You’ve really come to crossroads and need to make a choice.

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Managing Work Stress

Managing work stress is an important aspect of life whether you work a job or run a business. A common misconception is that a business is much less stressful than working a job.

It’s certainly true that a business allows us more flexibility than a traditional job, however, it does come with more responsibility to drive results. Nevertheless, knowing how to manage work stress is useful whether you own a business or have a full-time job. Here are some of the ways to unwind and bring those stress hormone levels down after a long day at work:

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